Activus Product Overview
Act-isure Product Overview

Act-isure is a fully integrated processing platform for protection insurers.

Using the latest technology platforms and built by experienced insurance professionals this software package is suitable for use by insurers, managing agents, third party administrators, and business process outsourcers regardless of company size.


  • Comprehensive, life time view of all client information, transactions and correspondence (inbound and outbound)
  • Integrated product, client, policy, claims, accounting and reporting modules
  • Supports individual, affinity, small group and large corporate business
  • Full multi-country, multi-currency capability for both domestic and international operations
  • Complemented by Act-isure Web Services to provide tailored and comprehensive web access for consumers, corporate clients, brokers and suppliers through Sales on Line, Policy Self Service on Line etc
  • Integrated document, workflow and performance management

The benefits of using Act-isure are numerous. High levels of automation results in higher productivity.  Enhanced service standards are made possible by the ease of access to relevant, content rich information.   Importantly, the user interface is intuitive, making it easy to use.

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