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Activus is a leading worldwide supplier of health and protection insurance software, now part of Cegedim Insurance Solutions, the French major and innovative technology company focused on health insurance.

Award winning software

Actisure provides ‘deep automation’ and in 2015 won the XCelent Functionality Award (© Celent 2015) in their market analysis report ‘Global Healthcare Policy Administration Systems’.

Global coverage

With multiple installations in Europe, Middle East, USA, Africa (North, East and West), Asia Pacific and China, Actisure is a proven solution in many different health economies around the world.

Health insurance focus

We do nothing else. Actisure is built and supported by health insurance professionals with hundreds of man years of experience.

Digital health

We support the dematerialisation of core operational processes and assist insurers by providing digital solutions.

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About Activus

A leading worldwide supplier

Activus is a leading worldwide supplier of application software and implementation services to the medical insurance, protection insurance and assistance markets. Activus is now part of Cegedim Insurance Solutions, the market leading and innovative technology company focused on health insurance. Our core platform, Actisure, is at the heart of Cegedim’s international strategy.

Winner of the 2015 XCelent Functionality Award (© Celent 2015), Actisure is a flexible, service oriented software platform that manages domestic and international books of business with installations in the UK, Europe, USA, Middle East, Asia Pacific, China, Africa and Australasia.

Actisure is a modern, best of breed application. Clients can implement a fully integrated system allowing them to replace multiple existing systems. Alternatively clients can deploy specific modules within a wider SoA based architecture.

High levels of configuration provides speed to market advantages and limitless product configuration options whilst lessening the dependence on scarce IT resource. Actisure can be deployed on site or in a private cloud in Cegedim’s world class health accredited data centers.

Actisure has been specifically designed to meet
the needs of the health insurance industry;
for full insurers, managing agents, TPAs and BPO suppliers.
It is suitable for businesses of all sizes.





Actisure is a modern, .net based platform with database support for SQL Server and ORACLE databases. It is a service oriented application, utilising messaging technologies and a service bus to broker messages both within the application and externally. A range of responsive design portals are available for clients, group administrators, brokers and providers.

Service Orientation

Actisure is a service oriented application that can be implemented either in whole where the client wishes to use all or the majority of the Actisure modules or as a component within a wider IT landscape. For example we have clients who use the Actisure policy systems integrated with third party claims systems, whilst other clients integrate Actisure’s claims services with legacy mainframe policy systems. Actisure has a rich catalogue of web services that might typically be deployed across an ESB for integration with external portals, CRM systems, accounting systems, document production systems etc.


Using the health data accredited datacentres of our parent, Cegedim Insurance Solutions, we are able to offer hosting services for those clients that are interested in having Actisure provisioned in a private cloud.
We can securely manage all or part of your IT services. It also provides a platform for our BPO services.
It provides a solution that allows you to focus on the most important aspects of your business while enjoying an information system that is constantly updated according to your needs.


Industry expertise

Actisure was designed and built by health insurance professionals. Our 100% focus on this market means that it is implemented by people with similar levels of industry expertise; medical insurance projects are the only projects our consultant work on. Our clients regularly comment on how our high levels of industry knowledge meant that the project could proceed much more quickly than would otherwise have been the case.

Implementation services

Activus provides a full range of services to assist the client implement Actisure and become self-sufficient in its operation. Implementing Actisure is, like all change management projects, a joint exercise involving tightly integrated Actisure and client teams. A range of implementation blueprints are available for clients with differing levels of resource that can be deployed on the project. Our services cover the full range of business and technical skills required for a successful Actisure implementation.


We provide a full range of training services for the client’s trainers, specialised business users, system administrators together with technical training for integration or development staff who might be writing client applications to consume Actisure’s web services catalogue.

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“Actisure gave us the innovative technology to deliver and we did not need to compromise on any of our product, process, web, printing, corporate or partner needs. It also ensures we scale economically and don’t have the need for major process change and enhancements as we grow.”

“This solution is an enabler to our business and strategy. The time-to-market was faster than any we have seen before.

GLOHEALTH, health insurance business for Irish market.

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