Digital Health

Activus invests heavily in our Digital Health strategy. Actisure’s DH capability includes the following:

  • The “dematerialisation” of core processes including the electronic loading of claims invoices and their subsequent automated, unattended assessment via Actisure’s Straight Through Processing (STP) capability.
  • Fully electronic enrolment and eligibility processes from receipt of client membership files and the intelligent interpretation of the membership changes contained within the files.
  • Out of the box portals for the insurer’s value chain providing on line services for mobile members, policyholders, group administrators, brokers, providers etc.
  • Extensive web services catalogue enabling the client to integrate the required modules of Actisure within an SoA environment.
  • Technology and functionality to place Actisure at the heart of a digital wellness strategy, helping to evolve the insurer from a “payer” to a health “partner”.

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